Our last year record that we handled about 4.5 million tons of Coal Transshipment at South Kalimantan, it will be equivalent to 40 percent of pie portion at the region (by ship’s crane as loading method)

  • Sufficient heavy equipment such dozers are provided to support loading activities on barges and board vessel, trimming in ship’s holds are included
  • Sufficient mooring lines/ gangs are served to berth/un-berth the barges to and from the mother vessel
  • Sufficient fenders are provided to avoid or minimize the impact of barge and ship’s hull
  • Our own LCT supported as carrier for heavy and other equipments to vessel on her arrival and from vessel after completion of loading in timely. It will be effect to minimize un necessary time losses of vessel’s stay
  • Loading supervision /port captaincy service is included
  • When the loading activities on board, our coordination with Officers on board, Master tug/ barges to make smooth in loading activity and it will be recorded and stated all the activities in our accuracy’s time sheet
  • Our loading rate about 8,000- 12,000 MT/day SHINC subject to cargo readiness, weather, Ship’s crane condition, Grabs capacity and condition it self