About Us

MultiCargo Groups consist of Muti Cargo Energy, Multi Kargo Abadi and Multi Cargo Mining, provides cost-effective reliable river and sea-based coal transport solutions to Indonesia’s coal mining industry and its clients. With an ever expanding modern and well maintained fleet of tugs and barges and a well trained and responsive workforce, we have earned the trust of Indonesia’s most reputable coal producers.

Multi Kargo Abadi provides customised, one-stop solutions meeting each client’s individual and unique requirements. This has turned MCG into an industry leader with enviable expertise; enabling us to satisfy even the most demanding requirements that our clients face.

Multi Cargo Mining also operates on-shore and off-shore coal loading terminals and provides a broad range of services that free our clients from the complexities of loading, shipping, trans-shipping and ocean trade stevedoring of coal.
Tight adherence to internationally accepted safety standards and a firm commitment to environmental protection are core traits which characterise MCG.